When Andrea Petković serves in pink….
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L3 Cherry Blossom

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design by Fabian Schwaerzler

“The L3 Cherry Blossom is a consistent further development of the L3 sees red,” says Leonard Dreifuss, who is responsible for design at Maurice de Mauriac. ”
For the Special Edition to Pink October, we exchanged the red watch glass so typical of this watch for one in delicate pink. The dial and watchband also shine in pink.” The signature design of Maurice de Mauriac’s L series – L1, L2 and L3 – comes from renowned Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler. “The L3 Cherry Blossom is intended to be a statement, as it were, for those who want to encourage those affected by the disease, as well as those who have accepted the struggle with it,” adds Massimo Dreifuss.

Maurice de Mauriac L3
Case: stainless steel
Case size: 40.5 mm
Total height: 12.99 mm
log-to-log: 47.7 mm

3 o’clock: chronograph minute counter
6 o’clock: chronograph half-hours
9 o’clock: continually running small seconds

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Fabian Schwaerzler, Swiss designer and as such purist, has chosen the line as a design element and thus designed the L-series, the line series, from the Bauhaus era into the present. They have become icons of watch design. His design allows the watches to be discreetly present, but also to fill the space. Follow the line. It will show you the beauty of time.

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I bought my watch more than 4 years ago and brought it in for servicing. This was done of course very quickly and professionally. But coming to Maurice Mauriac is more than about watches. He introduced me and my wife to the Reitberg Museaum - even driving us there personally - and gave us great trips for our Europe trip. The warmth and family atmosphere is unique and a must visit for any watch enthusiast.
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