At the heart of our brand into the soul of the watch!

With heart and tweezers it goes to the soul of the mechanical watch.

You love mechanical watches just by looking at them. Imagine you could not only look inside, but even lay your hands on the open movement, experience and understand the movement live. A lover of mechanical watches gets goose bumps at the latest there.

We offer you the opportunity to get to the soul of a mechanical watch in a watchmaking workshop with the expert guidance of a watchmaker.

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Fine mechanics alternate with great feelings and both together leave a more conscious attitude towards time.

Not in a laboratory environment, but with us the Dreifuss family in the heart of our brand, in our atelier in Zurich. In the end, you feel not only the soul of the mechanical watch, but also the fascination of a place where these watches are thought, born and loved.

Families, friends, teams take the chance to enjoy a joint experience that not only lets you experience the mechanical watch, but also changes your relationship to time for life.

For groups up to 12 people you can book without prior consultation. For larger groups we have to think together how to realize this for you.

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This is what awaits you at our watchmaking workshop:

After a quick journey through the time of the watchmaking craft establishing itself in Switzerland, up to today's watchmaking industry, we will tell the touching story of our manufacture brand Maurice de Mauriac. This takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how many questions we are allowed to answer.

Now there is a movement in front of the watchmaker who is in charge of the workshop and he shows on the open movement how exactly it works. Then everyone gets original watchmaker clothes, the typical magnifying glass and can - of course under the eyes of the expert - put hand and tweezers to the movement.

You are welcome to preserve the watchmaking workshop, which lasts about 2 hours, with photos and videos, even though you will never forget this experience. A gift at the end of the workshop will show our gratitude for your interest and will seal the love for the mechanical watch and us.


For some just a clockwork for others a small world of its own.

With us, you experience the mechanical watch where it is thought and made. In the heart of our brand, in the atelier in Tödistrasse.

If your time allows, we will take you to the nearby Beyer Watch Museum. There you will see a lot from the history of watchmaking, which we have already told you about. And visiting this museum as a knowledgeable person makes the visit even more valuable.

Here you can book your watchmaking workshop directly!

We are looking forward to the experience together.

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À Maurice

The price

1250,00- For families up to 6 people
2500,00- As an employee and customer event for up to 10 people

You can order "à Maurice" online:

à Maurice for families up to 6 persons
à Maurice as employee and customer event up to 10 persons

Please arrange the dates individually with Maurice. The venue is Maurice de Mauriac's studio at Tödistr. 48 in Zurich. Other venues on request.

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I bought my watch more than 4 years ago and brought it in for servicing. This was done of course very quickly and professionally. But coming to Maurice Mauriac is more than about watches. He introduced me and my wife to the Reitberg Museaum - even driving us there personally - and gave us great trips for our Europe trip. The warmth and family atmosphere is unique and a must visit for any watch enthusiast.
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