Atelier MDM
Tödistrasse 48
8002 Zurich

Mo-Fr: 09.00 – 18.00
Sa: 10.00 – 16.00

Garage MDM
Geroldstrasse 05
8005 Zurich

Do-Fr: 13.00 – 18.00

Sa: 11.00 – 18.00


The very heart of Maurice de Mauriac

The home of watches: Here they are designed, created, and enjoyed with family, friends and customers.

Where time becomes space: The Atelier of Maurice de Mauriac. Before you enter Maurice de Mauriac's atelier, watches are still watches. Afterwards, they are so much more: time catchers, time tamers, time keepers, time orchestrators, time users and time wasters. Maurice de Mauriac watches have a temperature, smell like artwork, are excitingly tactile, can be heard and are a feast for the eyes - they tell stories. For watches to become intense, sensual experiences, they need a space in which they are also allowed to unfold this sensuality - at Maurice de Mauriac's workspace on Tödistraße 48 in Zurich.

The Atelier is dominated by the university table. People from all over the world, espresso, materials, curiosities, devotional objects, Daniel Dreifuss, his sons Massimo and Leonard, customers, friends, knowledge, experience, time, and watches come here together. This is where knowledge is created, knowledge is shared, ideas are curated and, ultimately, the soul of the brand Maurice de Mauriac and its watches is worked on every day.

Enjoying an espresso, watches, and stories together with almost 200,000 friends, yet intimately as a family.

The atmosphere is almost always effortlessly relaxed. The Watchbros Massimo and Leonard, sometimes also the founder Daniel Dreifuss, sit there by themselves and use the time to get involved with new watches that carry time in them in a wonderful way. Words fly across the table from the many who seek proximity to time every day and find it in the atelier. Moreover, there are always almost 200,000 customers and friends sitting at the table - via social networks. At Maurice de Mauriac, the family itself responds to digital friends and makes them part of the family through this proximity.

Watchmarks are omnipresent.

Massimo and Leonard are working in front of the wall that separates the Showroom and the workspace, where watchmakers can be seen working on their detail-loving craftsmanship. Around the Watchbbros, aesthetic features, memories and inspirations, art, more art, and in between, all watches that had their origins in this place. Here you can discover traces of watches that will only exist years later, because that is how long Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss take, with their whole family, to give every detail the space it needs to end up as an admired part of a new watch.

The Dreifuss understood and internalized very early - watch straps are the stage on which every watch represents itself and its wearer. They have made it a passion and constantly push their design and quality. Leather, rough to extremely noble, lies around, metals, rubber, nylon, clasps, the choice seems to go towards infinity. It does not go, because the Dreifuss usually need only a few moves to give the watch and wearer the most exciting connections.

Made by Zurich - the most extraordinary form of swissmade

Time after time, the door to the workshop opens and the Hoover robots discreetly retreat, revealing the space to friends who give the brand Maurice de Mauriac this fascinating breadth. Throughout Zurich, from the sprayer to the rapper, from the artist to the bon vivant to the banker, from the craftsman to the private citizen, they all have a few words for the Watchbros Massimo and Leonard. The espresso machine starts whirring, words are shared and of course, a watch or two. Maurice de Mauriac gives a wide space for expectations in the Atelier and yet exceeds them again and again - so they say.

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Sunday is Family Day ❤️ for us it’s everyday and now it can be for you too…

You can get a Nato strap for your watch to match your Lanyard and key ring - or vice versa. It’s not only extremely cool, but also a pendant in the broader sense. This is because the watch remains firmly attached to the arm even if a bar should give up its function. In the exciting times between spring and summer, this is certainly a valuable idea.

You can also simply find our lanyards and key holders extremely beautiful. They already have many fans. You may also want to become a follower of these pendats.

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You have asked, we delivered. 🏎️🏆✨Find Now our brand new lanyards in the famous colors of our natostraps:

France 🇫🇷
Finish Flag 🏁
Old Racing 🧡💙
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You can find them in the Atelier, in the MDM Garage and in the webshop. Now everywhere with the spring break offer “buy3pay2”!

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For the 10X time @zsclions is Swiss Icehockey Champion 🇨🇭🏆🥇
Having a Drink in Zurich and seeing the Assistant Coach @faschwa with the Swiss Champion Cup #onlyinswitzerland . Congrats to the whole team of @zsclions & @marcrow61 … having the cup in the hands like 10years ago with @daniel.dreifuss_zurich_watches when we were sponsors… Feels good. 

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Porsche Meets @ Ace Cafe Luzern

18 .05

Planned: 18.05.2024,
Location: Ace Cafe Luzern

The smallest watch boutique in the world is back where the world is particularly beautiful and exciting. Meet the Dreifuss and have a good time.

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18 .05


  • 18.05.2024
  • 25.05.2024

18:00 – 19:00, MEZ
Location: Frau Gerolds Garten

Nothing is as valuable as moments spent together. Come and enjoy the luxury of quality time with us – the Dreifuss family.

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Harley Meets @ Ace Café Luzern

19 .05

Planned: 19.05.2024,
Location: Ace Cafe Luzern

If you see the Ape here, you’ve found us. Because the smallest watch boutique in the world is only where you can have a good time.

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Badi Markt Monocle Café

25 .05

Planned: 19.05.2024,
Location: Monocle Café Zurich

Enjoyment always makes for a good time. Enjoy with us!

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Indian Motorcycle Meet

25 .05

Planned: 25.05.2024,
Location: Sportrock Wildsau

If we’re there, you can be sure you’ll have a good time with us. Because time is something we can do.

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Swiss Classic World

31 .05 – 02 .06

Planned: 31.05.2024 bis 02.06.2024

Location: Messe Luzern

Would you like to meet the people who are responsible for the good times here? Come and meet us – the Dreifuss family.

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Zurich Art Weekend

06 .06 – 09 .06

Planned: 06.06.2024 – 09.06.2024

Location: Zurich

Those who love good times are looking for good times. Here you will have it. Together with us – the Dreifuss family.

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Open House Day – 25 Years A Plus

07 .06



11:00 until open end
Location: Hinwil

The event is very popular and the number of places is limited:
Register today!

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Older Classic

09 .06


  • Sunday, 09. June 2024
  • Sunday, 11. August 2024
  • Sunday, 08. September 2024

Location: Motorworld, Kemptthal

The smallest watch boutique in the world is back where the world is particularly beautiful and exciting. Meet the Dreifuss and have a good time.

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photo basel 2024

10 .06 – 16 .06

Planned: 10.06.2024 – 16.06.2024

Location: Volkshaus Basel

The smallest watch boutique in the world is back where the world is particularly beautiful and exciting. Meet the Dreifuss and have a good time.

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Arosa Harley Weekend

14 .06 – 16 .06

Planned: 14.06.2024 – 16.06.2024 MESZ

Location: at the Waldhotel Arosa

For 20 years a guarantee for special Arosa moments, 2 great bands, excellent 4-star superior food, bar life, wellness, mountain feeling, petrol whispers and much more await the guests. Wonderful motorbikes and cars take the 360 bends to Arosa to celebrate the love of hot engines together. Once you’ve been there, you’ll keep coming back … Further information on the homepage..

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SAS 100 Year Jubilee Week

29 .06

Planned: 29.06.2024,
Location: Bern

Where people meet to live their passion, there we are too. Let’s have a good time together.

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Zurich Classic Car Award 2024 – Concours d’élégance

14 .08

Planned: We, 14.08.2024, 09:00 – 16:00 o’Clock

Location: Bürkliplatz, Zurich

Around 100 selected classic car rarities can be admired and evaluated on Bürkliplatz in the centre of Zurich..

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Ein super interessantes und aussergewöhnliches Atelier; eine Familie, die Ihr Handwerk lebt und liebt und unverwechselbare Uhren hervorbringt, die enorm viel Charakter und Exklusivität haben. Erlebbare Exklusivität eben!
I had a special wish and the Mauriacs made it possible. That is the quality of small but demanding companies.
Something of the most interesting in Zurich!
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