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Beresheet Lunar Lander

When the Beresheet spacecraft launched on a friday, it was one cargo among many in the SpaceX rocket, sharing space and cost, but not our imagination. No, our full attention was on the cosmic side table. In the Tödistrasse 48, everyone at the atelier was on the edge of their seats. From Zurich, full of excitement, a rocket, with our watch, was launched it accompanied Bereshit for two months untill it touched down on the moon in April 2019.

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From a Swiss flying squadron, who wears our watches at supersonic speed, to the depths of the Read Sea. Our watches have gone to the moon, they have been present when you have been chasing felt balls, they have plunged down mountains with you, rowed the Atlantic, conquered the desert and starlit stage. They are your accomplice to some of the most extreme areas in the world.. This is not just a given It is a collaboration in which two names proudly adorn a watch. The collaborators can be world-famous or local celebrities. For us they are our heroes. One for all and all for one.

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I bought my watch more than 4 years ago and brought it in for servicing. This was done of course very quickly and professionally. But coming to Maurice Mauriac is more than about watches. He introduced me and my wife to the Reitberg Museaum - even driving us there personally - and gave us great trips for our Europe trip. The warmth and family atmosphere is unique and a must visit for any watch enthusiast.
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