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Automatic Modern: “Züri Date” WATCHES@ Limited Edition BLACK

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Automatic Modern: “Züri Date” WATCHES@ BLACK

We bring the primary colors of Google & the Zurich trams to your wrists as a limited edition for a group of watch enthusiasts @Google called “Watches@”

A special piece for people who are looking for the unique. Wherever you are wearing this watch, you are carrying the Zurich spirit with you. It shows the days exclusively in Swiss German, more precisely the local Zurich dialect. The basis of this midsize timepiece is the Automatic Modern. Developed by Daniel Dreifuss, his sons – the Watchbros – have taught this watch how to speak in Swiss German. It will make every day of your week a more colorful and joyful day.

You can choose here which dial color your ZÜRI-DATE will have:

Limited to 10 pieces per color = a total of 50 pieces.

Customize Watch

  • Diameter



Watch Specifications

1 * 10^100 = 1 Googol
Googol is a huge number: a 1 with 100 zeros. The name immediately brings Google to mind. Not without reason: that's exactly where the internet search engine got its name from. A metaphor for the unimaginably huge scope of the Internet.
Luckily with the 2.5x magnifying lens you can still read the 1.8mm sized 10^100 – we were able to show the biggest number ever in the smallest possible way!

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A super interesting and exceptional atelier; a family that lives and loves your craft and produces distinctive watches that have enormous character and exclusivity. Experience exclusivity!
I had a special wish and the Mauriacs made it possible. That is the quality of small but demanding companies.
Family business with heart and flair !
Creative, innovative, fresh and modern. For all those who love the special and unconventional. In addition, an extremely friendly reception, so that the visit to Tödistrasse 48 immediately became the highlight of the week. Our recommendation is: A MUST for everyone who loves the individual and unique ! Rating in Gault-Millau points: a smooth 20 !
Something of the most interesting in Zurich!
No industrial, sterile marketing of the usual pilot watch brands but personal advice with competence, heart, brain and humor.
The fascination for the watches noticeable and yet the contact with Leo and Massimo is as personal and direct as it can be.
Also, the selection of watch straps is infinitely large and there is something for every taste.
I bought a new watch strap for my IWC watch. Super selection and price. Very nice and courteous service. Thank you very much.
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