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Chrono Modern “Niva Red Legend”

4.950 CHF


The official watch from the Red Niva Legend Team at the Rally Dakar 2022.
Emotional, precise, mechanical, stable, unique: the Niva Red Legend! It is the “mechanic” of the Niva Red Legend team and will accompany the team on the Dakar Rally 2022. With this watch, you wear the legendary toughness of the “Dakar” on your wrist. To ensure that it sits there securely, whilst the bumpers of the Niva red Legend smash through and through. The watch bracelet is specially designed for this watch. It keeps the red dial in sight at all times. If you have petrol in your blood, be warned, you can easily catch fire with this watch.

kevlar strap for over the race suit
+ extra leather strap with holes.
Limited to 34 pieces only! For every year that Lada hasn’t participated.

The Story


  • Diameter


Strap Specifications


The adventurers of the race tracks, roads,asphalt, salt, or sand, have always sought us, not us, them. Reason being our racing watches hold the "Lucky Number". So no matter if you yourself once had a successful race number, or a great idol had it. No matter if you want to document your cylinder number or your victories - you have the option to immortalize it on the dial! If that changes, then our Racing watches change with it. Just honorable racing.

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Weekend Baby 💥🏁🧡 Clients rolling into weekend like this. Custom made dial for his L3 in lava orange - like his #Porsche 911 GTS.
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@andreapetkovici we found your double 💞🏁
Happy Friday everyone.

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Let’s go! Another Week, another chance & another car!🏁🏎️⬅️ Have a good start into the week everyone.

PS: We got the right keyholders for your car…

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Sunday is Family Day ❤️ for us it’s everyday and now it can be for you too…

You can get a Nato strap for your watch to match your Lanyard and key ring - or vice versa. It’s not only extremely cool, but also a pendant in the broader sense. This is because the watch remains firmly attached to the arm even if a bar should give up its function. In the exciting times between spring and summer, this is certainly a valuable idea.

You can also simply find our lanyards and key holders extremely beautiful. They already have many fans. You may also want to become a follower of these pendats.

📷 @detail.studios 

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The keys to the most beautiful cars in the world can be found with our key holders and lanyards. The same goes for cellar keys, boat keys, house keys, toilet keys, safe keys and garden gate keys.

📷 @detail.studios 

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You have asked, we delivered. 🏎️🏆✨Find Now our brand new lanyards in the famous colors of our natostraps:

France 🇫🇷
Finish Flag 🏁
Old Racing 🧡💙
Old England💜💚
Desert Rally🏎️
Terre Battue🎾🧡

You can find them in the Atelier, in the MDM Garage and in the webshop. Now everywhere with the spring break offer “buy3pay2”!

📷 @detail.studios 

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For the 10X time @zsclions is Swiss Icehockey Champion 🇨🇭🏆🥇
Having a Drink in Zurich and seeing the Assistant Coach @faschwa with the Swiss Champion Cup #onlyinswitzerland . Congrats to the whole team of @zsclions & @marcrow61 … having the cup in the hands like 10years ago with @daniel.dreifuss_zurich_watches when we were sponsors… Feels good. 

#MauriceDeMauriac #MDM #ZSC #Winner #SwissChampion #zsclions #icehockey #wow
BIG, BIGGER & The BIGGEST - Our new Big Date collection is available in 3x different sizes: 42mm&45mm&48mm - The bigger the better no? - What do you think? 


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11 .05


Nichts ist so wertvoll wie gemeinsam erlebte Momente. Komm und geniesse den Luxus guter Zeit mit uns – der Familie Dreifuss.

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Older Classic

12 .05


– Sonntag, 12. Mai 2024
– Sonntag, 09. Juni 2024
– Sonntag, 11. August 2024
– Sonntag, 08. September 2024

Ort: Motorworld, Kemptthal

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Porsche Meets @ Ace Cafe Luzern

18 .05

Geplant: 18.05.2024,
Ort: Ace Cafe Luzern

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Harley Meets @ Ace Café Luzern

19 .05

Geplant: 19.05.2024,
Ort: Ace Cafe Luzern

Wenn Du hier die Ape siehst, hast Du uns gefunden. Denn die kleinste Uhrenboutique der Welt ist nur da, wo man gute Zeit haben kann.

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Badi Markt Monocle Café

25 .05

Geplant: 25.05.2024,
Ort: Monocle Café Zurich

Genuss sorgt immer für eine gute Zeit. Geniesse mit uns!

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Zurich Art Weekend

06 .06 – 09 .06

Geplant: 06.06.2024 bis 09.06.2024

Ort: Zürich

Wer gute Zeit liebt, sucht gute Zeit. Hier wirst Du sie haben. Zusammen mit uns – der Familie Dreifuss.

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photo basel 2024

10 .06 – 16 .06

Geplant: 10.06.2024 – 16.06.2024

Ort: Volkshaus Basel

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Zentral Fest – SAS 100 Jahre Feier

29 .06

Geplant: 29.06.2024,
Ort: Bern

Wo Menschen sich treffen, ihre Leidenschaft zu leben, da sind auch wir. Lass uns zusammen eine gute Zeit haben.

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Ein super interessantes und aussergewöhnliches Atelier; eine Familie, die Ihr Handwerk lebt und liebt und unverwechselbare Uhren hervorbringt, die enorm viel Charakter und Exklusivität haben. Erlebbare Exklusivität eben!
I had a special wish and the Mauriacs made it possible. That is the quality of small but demanding companies.
Something of the most interesting in Zurich!
+ Zoom