The purity of the heart
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The Blanc Cœur D’or beyond emotion:

The balance and escapement are relocated to the top of the movement for the Blanc Cœur D’or

The Blanc Cœur D’or is alive

With this watch, you get life, not only time

The WatchBros have brought the Blanc Cœur D’or to life. In her beats a blood-red heart. The Blanc Cœur D’or lives from the genes of Maurice de Mauriac’s founder and the creative power of his sons’ youth.

The Blanc Cœur D’or has an exceptional Manufacture movement, has been designed with transparency, and a unique red Sapphire Case back.

Those who hold the watch in their hands feel the mastery, become in awe, and feel that the watch is not representing the time, but the young, pulsating life.

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How much of the clock can you leave out in order to pay homage to the movement. Every Skeleton fan has his own tolerance limit. For us, however, Skeleton watches are not just omitted. We added the dimension of the open heart with the use of glass and color. You don't just see time passing, you see it living. These watches live with you.

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I bought my watch more than 4 years ago and brought it in for servicing. This was done of course very quickly and professionally. But coming to Maurice Mauriac is more than about watches. He introduced me and my wife to the Reitberg Museaum - even driving us there personally - and gave us great trips for our Europe trip. The warmth and family atmosphere is unique and a must visit for any watch enthusiast.
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