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Automatic Modern blue “PVD ZÜRI DATE”

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Mäntig, Zischtig, Mittwuch, Dunstig, Fritig, Samschtig, Sunntig – this watch celebrates our anniversary like real locals in Swissgerman. The basis of this anniversary watch is our automatic case. Developed by Daniel Dreifuss and his sons, the Watchbros, they enlightened this watch with Swiss German and made its Zurich roots visible and tangible. The successful Automatik Modern case shimmers blue and is limited to 25 watches worldwide. If it is not the quantity but the quality of time that is important to you, you will find in this watch a companion with whom it is a great joy to rejoice. Your time has never been so Zurich as with this watch – no matter where you are in the world.

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Our success is built on these watches! They are our classics, and may forever be called "Chrono Modern". Designed by Daniel Dreifuss, the 051015 dial gives both watch and owner a subtle dynamism. The dimensions of these watches and their clear edges leave no doubt - a "Chrono Modern" always adorns a strong arm. No matter whether on water, on land or in the air. Mechanically driven, of course, the "Chrono Modern" is modular in design and allows for unique customization. You will love it as it will love you.

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I bought my watch more than 4 years ago and brought it in for servicing. This was done of course very quickly and professionally. But coming to Maurice Mauriac is more than about watches. He introduced me and my wife to the Reitberg Museaum - even driving us there personally - and gave us great trips for our Europe trip. The warmth and family atmosphere is unique and a must visit for any watch enthusiast.
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