Atelier MDM
Tödistrasse 48
8002 Zurich

Mo-Fr: 09.00 – 18.00
Sa: 10.00 – 16.00

Garage MDM
Geroldstrasse 05
8005 Zurich

Do-Fr: 13.00 – 18.00

Sa: 11.00 – 18.00

Navy Blue Family Flannel

220 CHF

Navy flannel jacket
Urea buttons
Straight fit
2 Chest pockets
Removable logo
Composition: 100% Cotton

The Story

Customize Accessory

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With a case size of 48 millimetres, the Chrono Modern Big Date is a watch for men like Swiss wrestlers and for men who love big watches. A watchmaking statement that makes the ultimate impression. The Chrono Modern Big Date now accompanies @leuppisamir day after day in his sometimes tough job as a policeman. When he swings, he places it almost lovingly in a leather case, because watches are forbidden when swinging.
The Big Date collection is available in different materials: Bronze, Titanium & Steel and in different colors: Deep Blue, Smaragd Green & Black - more info on our website. 


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Prize game: Guess how long the Böögg will take to explode 💥 and win an MDM Zurich leather keyholder.
We wish all a beautiful Sächsilüütä 🤍💙

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We wish all 26 Zünfte & all Zurich people a beautiful Sächsilüütä 🕧💥let’s ring in spring together 🌸🌺🌷with the only mechanical watch in swiss german / Züridüütsch!🇨🇭 #MauriceDeMauriac #MDM #MDMwatches #sächsilüütä #zueridate #springfest #böögg #watches #madebyzurich #timepieces #zeitzeugen #zunft #tradition
Vivan los novios!
Marisol’s & Massimo’s Wedding 🤵🏻👰🏽‍♀️ - Les Mauriacs are Mexican’s now 🌞🇲🇽✨

PS: Massimo was wearing the Rallymaster II by @racquetmag & @carltondewoody 

#MauriceDeMauriac #MDM #MDMwatches #wedding #party #losnovios #mexicanwedding #mexico #puebla #atlixo
The ACE Members Edition is a watch for individualists. That is why it is not available indefinitely. Dany, who owns the ACE Cafe, has the favorite number 11, so the watch is only available 11 times - numbered on the rotor. You get an 11% discount on food and drinks in the Cafe if you wear the watch. To be recognized as a connoisseur, you get a watchmaking course for up to 6 people with each watch. Afterwards, you are not only a good conversation partner for in-depth motor conversations, but also for in-depth watch conversations.

More info link in the bio.

Photos: @detail.studios 

#MauriceDeMauriac #MDM #MDMwatches #ACE #acecafe #acecafeluzern #watch #specialedition #limitededition



11 .05


Nichts ist so wertvoll wie gemeinsam erlebte Momente. Komm und geniesse den Luxus guter Zeit mit uns – der Familie Dreifuss.

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Older Classic

12 .05


– Sonntag, 12. Mai 2024
– Sonntag, 09. Juni 2024
– Sonntag, 11. August 2024
– Sonntag, 08. September 2024

Ort: Motorworld, Kemptthal

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Porsche Meets @ Ace Cafe Luzern

18 .05

Geplant: 18.05.2024,
Ort: Ace Cafe Luzern

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Harley Meets @ Ace Café Luzern

19 .05

Geplant: 19.05.2024,
Ort: Ace Cafe Luzern

Wenn Du hier die Ape siehst, hast Du uns gefunden. Denn die kleinste Uhrenboutique der Welt ist nur da, wo man gute Zeit haben kann.

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Badi Markt Monocle Café

25 .05

Geplant: 25.05.2024,
Ort: Monocle Café Zurich

Genuss sorgt immer für eine gute Zeit. Geniesse mit uns!

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Zurich Art Weekend

06 .06 – 09 .06

Geplant: 06.06.2024 bis 09.06.2024

Ort: Zürich

Wer gute Zeit liebt, sucht gute Zeit. Hier wirst Du sie haben. Zusammen mit uns – der Familie Dreifuss.

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photo basel 2024

10 .06 – 16 .06

Geplant: 10.06.2024 – 16.06.2024

Ort: Volkshaus Basel

Die kleinste Uhren-Boutique der Welt ist wieder da, wo die Welt besonders schön und spannend ist. Triff die Dreifuss und hab eine gute Zeit.

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Zentral Fest – SAS 100 Jahre Feier

29 .06

Geplant: 29.06.2024,
Ort: Bern

Wo Menschen sich treffen, ihre Leidenschaft zu leben, da sind auch wir. Lass uns zusammen eine gute Zeit haben.

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A super interesting and exceptional atelier; a family that lives and loves your craft and produces distinctive watches that have enormous character and exclusivity. Experience exclusivity!
I had a special wish and the Mauriacs made it possible. That is the quality of small but demanding companies.
Family business with heart and flair !
Creative, innovative, fresh and modern. For all those who love the special and unconventional. In addition, an extremely friendly reception, so that the visit to Tödistrasse 48 immediately became the highlight of the week. Our recommendation is: A MUST for everyone who loves the individual and unique ! Rating in Gault-Millau points: a smooth 20 !
Something of the most interesting in Zurich!
No industrial, sterile marketing of the usual pilot watch brands but personal advice with competence, heart, brain and humor.
The fascination for the watches noticeable and yet the contact with Leo and Massimo is as personal and direct as it can be.
Also, the selection of watch straps is infinitely large and there is something for every taste.
I bought a new watch strap for my IWC watch. Super selection and price. Very nice and courteous service. Thank you very much.
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